Search Engine Optimization in Nigeria

At Alvacomm Digital Studios, we design and SEO optimize websites that will help you rank on search engines for targeted keywords in your area of business, the result of SEO is more traffic, brand awareness, and lead generation.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the technical process of optimizing a website, web pages and its contents (e.g. text, audio, video, images, etc.) to show up on search engine result pages (SERPs) during online searches. 


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization entails the art of optimizing websites to get found in search engine results when a searcher uses a specific keyword or term to initiate that search. Alvacomm Digitial Studios can help your website noticed by search users by tweaking your website or blog content so it becomes search engine friendly. Seventy percent (70%) of your website traffic will definitely come from search engines so why not make your site easily accessible with us? Get started today!

Search Engine Marketing

Often referred to as Paid Search, Search Engine Marketing takes Search Engine Optimization a little further by way of incorporating a dose of marketing and advertising into the mix. Placing targeted ads on Google, Bing or using specific keyword and criteria will give you an instant front page attention to your product, service or website. Advertising on Google AdWords, when properly done pays huge rewards and guarantees a sure return on investment.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Alvacomm Digital takes Search Engine Optimization a step further. How? With Conversion Rate Optimization, we delve deep into the engagement elements of your website pages, we optimize your forms, pop-ups and position these where they are easily interacted with by your visitors. Conversion optimization increases the rate of signups, inquiry/sales calls, explainer videos viewed, customer return and so on.


Content Marketing

As a boost to your Search Engine Optimization campaign, we can help you create quality and highly-engaging articles which serve as contents for your business websites, blogs and LinkedIn pages for an affordable fee. Our content developers use researched materials and market insight to create content that will drive conversion for your website.


Rank on Google & Yahoo Search

Optimize your website pages and content for top keywords.
Boost local SEO rankings and increase site traffic!

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SEO Scope of Work

  • Targeted Keywords (Keyword Research)
  • Competition Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization (URL, Title, heading tags, meta description, image )
  • Off-Page/Technical Optimization (301 redirects, website/page load speed, code compression, IP blacklist)
  • SEO Strategy and Execution
  • Link Building
  • Monthly Traffic and Analytics Reporting