Having an online web presence in 2022 can never be overlooked. You cannot simply ignore the power of the internet to grow your business, get more leads and open you to unlimited possibilities.

The number of connected devices to the Internet has doubled within the last 5 years which translates to massive growth in Internet users.

The web, which is a subset of the Internet is a place where online users interact and share information. Websites and blogs are popular channels of sharing information and this is why companies and Startups are seriously using various web platforms to increase their revenue and create awareness for their brands.

Below are five reasons why you need an online presence:

1. To showcase & create awareness for your business- A website gives you the medium to advertise your goods and services to the online public. No business exists without needing some form of publicity whatsoever because you cannot afford to operate in a vacuum, hence the need to create awareness for your business.

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2. To promote your good and services and increase online sales- Online advertising is the process through which you promote and advertise goods and services with the aid of the Internet. This takes various forms like search engine marketing, sponsored ads on other websites or on your own website. You can also use email to promote services to users who may need them.

3. To interact and get insightful feedback from  potential customers– Communication used to be a one-way thing with other forms of advertising (you give out the information and you don’t get feedback), but with digital channels, you can expect instant feedback from your target audience through forums, discussions groups, surveys and online forms. These are very important to help you identify their needs and understand how to serve your market better.

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4. To serve as a sales funnel for all your online marketing efforts– To generate leads and get prospects using the online medium is to have a personal platform where all who find your adverts or services online would come to buy from you or make sales inquiries. This could come in form of a website, a blog or a social media page. Your marketing efforts have to be channeled at creating the awareness of what you are selling and then directing interested individuals to where you have your online asset.

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5. To reach a wider online audience– When you open a store or business, your target is actually buyers that are within your locality so your business has limited exposure to geography. With an online presence, you can create unlimited exposure of your products without no physical barrier or limitation. This expands your reach and increases your reach for more customers.

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