Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Nigeria

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Nigeria

Benefits of Having a PPC Campaign

You can consciously target and generate leads  and followers form social media and search engines by embarking on a PPC marketing drive.

Online Awareness

To create a social presence, it all starts with a social media account and in some cases a website. These are the key tools which will be used to setup a paid marketing campaign.

Promote Good & Services

A PPC campaign can also be used to promote your goods and services. You can place key information about your products on your website and why your products are better than others.

Brand Identity

Agreed that a website gives your company a unique online brand identity. Your brand could be effectively promoted for maximum awareness using Pay-Per-Click tactics.

Facebook Advertising

If your desire is to be heard online then social media is the way to go. Need a community following or you just want to place ads on Facebook? We can help

Google Adwords Advertising

Drive massive paid traffic to your website and e-commerce store form Google Search today. Start selling form day one. Our PPC campaigns are designed to do one thing- promote and sell your services. Click to know more about Learn more

Conversion Optimization

Are you struggling with closing sales? Do you have a website or online store traffic but customers are not buying? You need Conversion Optimization solutions to maximize your website’s traffic. Contact us for free consultancy.

PPC Packages

Social Media Advertising

From $100/month
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn Platforms
  • Persona identification and targeting
  • Engaging posts and videos
  • Url tracking
  • Ad Spend/Budget management
  • Monthly progress and analytics report

Paid Search

From $100/month
  • Google Search and Bing Platforms
  • Audience and Segment targeting
  • Landing page optimization
  • Ad Spend/Budget Management
  • Monthly progress and analytics report

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