Social Media Marketing in Nigeria

Social Media Agency in Lagos

Its a social world and business are going social too. Why? Because a good number of their target market is on social media platforms.  We can take you there too.

Promote Your Business Online
We market via Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest &Youtube

Facebook Advertising

Place targeted adverts on the largest social media networking platform in the world! To start using Facebook Like Ads, we would set up a fan/brand page for you and mange your campaign adverts to drive traffic to your page.

Twitter Advertising

Make your buzz felt on twitter microblogging platform and let your hashtag campaigns be a trending topic and visible to over millions of Nigerians daily! ADS Studios and its savvy experts on social media marketing can make this happen for you.

Instagram Marketing

Speak and create massive public awareness about your brand via high-resolution and impressive images and videos. Instagram is the answer!

Mobile Marketing

You can also sign up for your adverts to run on mobile devices hereby extending the reach of your marketing to mobile app users via Google Admob. We can make your AdWord campaign also target mobile users.

Go Social Today!

Instead of doing digital and social media marketing yourself, leverage on expert knowledge and save time and money.

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