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At Alvacomm Digital, we plan, build, test and deploy web applications that are fit for your operational needs to help your enhance productivity. Web software application offers you efficiency in your daily business affairs while being connected via a web interface. We can help you build powerful dashboards and reporting application that will assist you in your business operations. School management system, hotel management system, human resource information systems are a few of these options available to businesses to begin with.

    Customer Relationship Management System(CRM)

    Customer Relationship Management System(CRM) software are specialized custom software applications used in the area of sales management, contact management, billing and keeping of customer information. 

    Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

    Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is used to manage Human resources and human elements within the organization. It takes care and records attendance, absenteeism, number of hours worked, leave allowance and performance appraisal computation; It also handle payroll and bonus entitlements due to staff.


    Inventory and Sales Management System

    Stock control and related accounting procedures are done from a web-enabled interface and information could be retrieved from any device in the world. Merchants records can be managed from inventory management system as well as stock levels and so on.

    Hospital Management System

    Hospital Management Systems are web application software used to keep staff and patient records so as to manage the effective administration of the hospital’s activities. Patient illness and treatment history are available to nurses and doctors at the tap of a button.

    Logistics/Dispatch Tracking System

    Logistics/Dispatch System is a specialized software design to handle the movement of good and cargo from one point to the other. Trucks and fuel information are logged in, distance and driver information are all typical information you would find as data in this software. A logistics/Dispatch system curbs wastage, save fuel and time and helps maximize good use of resources.


    School Management System

    School Management System also known as School Information System (SIS) is the latest trend in education management using web technologies. A typical School Management System provides the headteacher , teachers and parents the flexibility and accountability of all student activities. Daily attendance reports, extra-curricular activities, class assignments and exam results are common information you would find in a typical School Management System. A detailed student performance report can also be generated and decisions would be taken based on that data. 

    Customized Solutions

    We develop customized web application tailored to your needs to help your business run effectively.

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