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Available Programmes

Website Design

Learn the basics of web design from fonts, icons, and colors, to the layout of your website’s user interface with HTML and CSS.

Web Programming

Enhance your web skills by becoming a Web programmer using PHP to create dynamic websites and databases to store data.

WordPress Design

Learn how to build basic blogs and modern websites using the world’s most popular CMS – WordPress, with no coding skills required.

SEO Specialist

Learn the techniques that increase your website’s online visibility and top Google rankings and increased website speed.

Google Ads Specialist

Drive massive paid traffic to your website and e-commerce store form Google Search today.

Forex Trader

Learn how to make consistent money from the Forex market using proven strategies and risk management methods.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Boost your social presence with professional social media strategies. Learn how to create, plan and publish content that resonate with your followers.

CRM User

Use CRM software to manage your sales and marketing efforts. Effectivelt track leads and deals using a simple user interface and mobile app.

Content Marketing/Blogging

Research and develop articles that capture the attention of readers. Educate, inform and entertain with your written words. Drive traffic to your blog.

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