What is A Digital Marketing Agency?

In this exhaustive piece, we will try to share a great deal of information with us on what digital marketing is, what a digital marketing agency is, what function it carries out as regards digital marketing, and what benefits online marketing impacts on your business. We will also touch on how to choose a digital marketing agency to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Finally, we will briefly explain what you need to start using digital marketing to capture online awareness for your brand. Come along J

What is Digital Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, Digital Marketing  is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.[

This moves us to explain the various type of internet medium that can be used for online marketing. The most common forms of digital marketing are as follows:

The above lists are what a typical digital marketing agency provides individuals and businesses seeking to engage in online marketing services.

What a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria Does

A digital marketing agency is a firm that specializes in the provision of digital marketing services to businesses and brands, including website design, app development, campaign management, and consultancy services as regards digital marketing.

Key Services We Offer

ADS Studios is a digital marketing agency based in Nigeria, which specializes in digital marketing services and the online growth of any business. We help companies achieve their marketing objectives using our experience in the field of marketing and business and technology.

Our key services that offer value to your campaigns are – website design and development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, Google Ads, Google my business optimization, and website support services. If you were wondering – how do I choose the right agency to sort out my marketing or sales problem?

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Search Engine Optimization SEO –

This is the technique of tweaking a website’s content, text, images, and so on to become visible on search engine results.

Social media –

Businesses have gone social. Social media is a digital platform that allows people to connect with each other regardless of geographical barriers, to share, to teach to connect.


Pay-per-click is the mode of advertising on digital platforms where you are charged based on the number of clicks your ad gets.

Things to consider before engaging an agency

So far, we have been able to enlighten you on what a digital agency is, what types of digital marketing we have, and what services a marketing agency could offer you under the digital marketing umbrella.

However, not all agencies have equal skills and expertise in all types of marketing. The solution to this is why the agency chooses to play by its strength and hereby specialize in a selected few marketing activities; just like ADS studios did – We mentioned we specialize in web design, SEO, social media, and PPC.

Here are some factors you need to consider before choosing an agency to work with

Goals/business objectives

 Have a clear goal you want to achieve in mind as this is key to achieving anything in life and business. If online visibility is what you desire for your brand to have then this should be clearly stated and documented and clearly communicated to the client manager of the agency you are planning to work with in the future.

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Availability of personnel

Are you working with a big or medium agency? If budget constraint is being looked at then maybe a small agency would be advised because you might get a reasonable price quote as against a large agency. The trouble in small agencies is that most agencies start with a shoe-string budget and are not adequately staffed, hereby requiring a digital marketing executive to take on more roles than he should.  An example is a social media manager who oversees all social campaigns for current agency clients and also is the one that monitors search optimization efforts and email outreach campaigns.

History and Reputation

As a business that plans to engage a marketing agency, have you checked the history of this agency? Have you run a Google search on them? Have you been to her website and viewed a couple of case studies? Have they handled a similar business and one or two case studies spoke about your business challenge which they were able to overcome for a client?

Budget constraints

How much do you intend to spend on marketing and for how many months would you be doing this? Be reminded that marketing is not a one-thing affair. It is an ongoing process. As long as a business exists, it will always need marketing, even though it has become a market behemoth. Google and Facebook still do several forms of marketing and promotions as big as both are. You would want your business to follow suit as well.

Track record

The historical performance of the agency you are considering is worth checking. Most times, visiting an agency’s website and clicking on the projects or Case studies link will show you an array of projects it has handled. You can go a step further to search online or on social media to see these executed projects before you make up your mind.

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What is end-of-period reporting like? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? No agency executes a marketing campaign without monitoring its performance and seeing ways it could be adjusted to perform better. This will definitely result in compiling a sort of report so as to show stakeholders how the campaign is performing as well as make recommendations for improvement.

Benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency

A digital agency is skilled at identifying marketing challenges and designing workable solutions to address them in form of digital marketing campaigns. Some individuals try to create and manage their own campaigns and see little to no results. They are more frustrated when they cannot seem to figure out why impressions and engagements are abysmally low.

Enter the Specialist agency!

When you hire a marketing agency to handle your campaign, these are a few of what you benefit-

Who needs digital marketing solutions

Individuals, small businesses, corporations, government agencies, the entertainment industry, politics (politicians), salons, clothing houses, etc. Everyone especially in business needs some form of digital marketing service or another.

How to engage an agency

To engage us, visit our website, call us and we will schedule a Free 30-minute strategy session where will discuss your marketing challenges and also see if you are fit for our services.

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