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Professional Website Design Agency in Nigeria

At Alvacomm Digital, we design and develop highly functional websites that address your business goals and also build your brand.

Personal & Business Websites

As Web designers in Nigeria, we create beautiful websites design for your personal and business needs. Are you a startup entrepreneur? Great! We have got something for you to leverage on and use as a springboard to launch your internet presence.

NGO Website Design

Charitable organizations could also benefit from having a good web presence by having us build a website for them. Through this website they could reach out to the world, touch more lives and get donations and funds to keep them running and influencing lives globally.

E-commerce Store

Online shopping is the latest web trend and your business could leverage on this by designing a website, adding products online consumers are willing to pay for, accept online payment through several payment gateways and deliver goods to their customers. 


Web Application/Software Development

Web software application offer you efficiency in your daily business affairs while being connected via a web interface. We can help you build powerful dashboards and reporting application that will assist you in your business operations. School management system, hotel management system, human resource information systems are few of these options available to businesses to begin with.



School/Educational Website Design

School websites help create a web presence for those in the business of passing knowledge. Get important news to parents from your school blog, create a visual school calendar, list your staff so parents could contact them directly via your school website. You could even allow prospective parents download or submit application forms if that’s what you want to do.

Mobile Website Design

We design mobile websites target at mobile users. Some of these mobile sites come in form of mobile web application and helps users on the go to get information from the touch of a mobile screen. As website designers  in Nigeria, we can develop feature-rich mobile websites to give you the business edge.


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