Getting traffic is the major concern of every blogger and content developer out there. We constantly ask ourselves – how do I get people or readers to read my articles? It would seem obviously a futile effort if we as writers go through all the hassles of researching, writing, proof-reading, editing and publishing a piece and after so much effort it does not get to those that would read them. We are then faced with a singular problem- content distribution.

This brief content would attempt to show you five simple ways that you could use right now to get the traffic you need to your blog or website. Read on.

5 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog


Write Good and original content

Content is KING. We have heard this over and over again all over the internet. The web thrives on content, be it text, image, video, voice, and other data formats. What will bring visitors traffic to your website or blog site is good quality content. If it’s original then it’s even better. Make sure you put in the work of creating error-free blog content that will engage your readers. It also helps if you are quite knowledgeable about the topic matter. This helps you to answer whatever questions might be in the mind of the reader.

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Share your content via Social Media and forums

It will do your content good if you could put in the extra effort to visit web 2.0 sites and share your content and links there so that you can attract more readers to your content and blog site. Popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn allow you to publish your content on your timeline or brand page and public groups for free. This is a cheap method of generating traffic to your blog.

Comment and leave your link on related blog posts

Go to websites and blogs you like. Read up their publish contents. Do you have something to say? A follow-up story?  A better opinion on the topic matter? Go ahead and leave your comments in the comments section. While at it don’t forget to leave your content’s link.

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Build an email list via blog RSS feed subscriptions

No need to lose your readers when they are done reading your content. You could keep them coming back for more. How do you do this? Set up an email newsletter subscription feature on your blog. Upon signing up, your visitors would get their email submitted in your email database for further communication purposes. Setting up a newsletter service will make your readers get new content published on your blog. This could make them returning visitors and ultimately loyal readers.


Get a Webmaster by all means

If you want a sustainable website and blog traffic, and you feel you just want to create content and share them and not bother yourself with the details of pulling traffic from all over cyberspace, then you can employ the service of a webmaster. A webmaster helps you keep your site in shape and takes care of some technical website issues. He/She can help you install and configure sharing plugins that auto-publish your new posts to social media as well as send out fresh newsletters to your subscribers.

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Thinking of getting massive traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo Search? Then a webmaster that also serves as a Search Optimization Expert in some cases could help you optimize your website for speed and content for keywords so as to make your content appear top on search results. Google holds more than 65% of searches on the web and showing up on searches will act as a big boost to your blog traffic.

You would actually fare better if you get a webmaster to manage your site while you as the blogger continue to create content.

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