Website Design, How it is done, How much and how to do a website design project in Nigeria

If you are looking for a Website Design Company in Nigeria, then you at the right place. ADS studios is a prestigious Information technology firm that offers professional website design services to agencies, small businesses, and companies.

What is Website Design?

It is the process of creating a website that will be used to brand a company’s image online or showcase the products an e-commerce business is selling.

Who Needs Website Design?

Almost every business needs online presence which could be social media, search engine, or website. Most users will go to Google to find a business, product, service or artist. Whatever you do, in the 21st century everything is done online.

Amazing Benefits of Having a Website

A website boosts your credibility locally and globally as a business entity.

Your product and services information could be assessed online 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

You can create a global awareness for your company. Having a website allows you to access a global playing field and not being limited to your immediate business environment.

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You can provide answers to frequently asked questions on your website smoothing out your sales operation.

You can use a website as a lead generation and prospecting tool. You can direct traffic both online and offline to your website as the destination for your marketing efforts.

You can use a website that is chat enabled to communicated with the customer online real-time. This helps you get instant feedback, take sales orders or get user feedback from using your product.

How is Website Design Done?

For one to be able to design or build a website you need to be trained and skilled in the art and science of website design and development. One need to have learned some computer programming languages needed to design websites and also be able to you some online platforms to deploy website to live server environment.

These programming languages are such HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, PHP and MySql. Learning and having a good understanding of these web programming languages will enable website designers create websites that are feature-rich and functional. In addition to these, one must know some basic graphic design software package to create images, buttons, logos, animation and icons for the website.

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How much does Website Design Cost?

A website is a project that could cost about N100,000 to 300,000 for small websites and about N500,000 to N5million for large corporate websites and Web applications. It also depends on the cost of building and hosting it. Is a premium theme used to design the website? Is it a custom website design? The uniqueness means the website would need to be built from scratch. These days template makes website design faster. How many people will be needed to work on the project? What are the special features or functionalities the website should have? Is there need to pay for API (application programming interface) data monthly or there is a need to buy a 3rd party plug-in? What is the timeframe (reasonably) which the project would be completed?

So many of these questions arise when computing cost of building a website and there is no size fits all price.

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Who maintains a website and how much does it cost?

A website is maintained by the website design company while the actual task of maintaining and updating and resolving issues that may develop with the website is handled by the website designer. ADS Studios Company offers free 3-month website support for its new website design clients. After the expiration which a service fee would be charge on each website update or as the case may be.

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What’s the next step?

For a website design project to be built by ADS Studios Company, we first determine your requirements, which we will look into and see practical ways to bring the ideas to life with code and design. Then we give you a price quote which we think will be sufficient to cover the creating and deployment of the website project to live hosting server and the timeline which it will run through. After the project has been delivered, we give free support for 3 months and also guide you on how to maximize your webs presence via digital marketing and emails.

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